Countertop Mix

Shortages: Please note many items are in short supply, especially concrete stamps, rubber form liners and integral colours. Delays possible for many other items due to supply chain disruptions.  Pricing is also volatile - expect increases on anything made with steel.  Please plan your projects accordingly.
We will confirm availability via email after you submit a request for quotation.

White Countertop Mix 50 lb
39.88 $ 39.88 $ 39.88 CAD
Liqui-Crete Admix
23.36 $ 23.36 $ 23.36 CAD
Add to 60lbs of Sand Mix to make a countertop mix
Walt Tools Tru Pac C Countertop Admix
12.38 $ 12.38 $ 12.38 CAD
Add to 60lbs of Concrete Mix to make a countertop mix
Z Counterform Colour Pack
0.00 $ 0.0 CAD