Release Agent


Powder Antiquing Release Agent - a light and even broadcast onto fresh concrete will allow stamps and rollers to be applied with a clean pattern transfer and without pulling up the surface. Antiquing release is coloured so that areas that are pressed harder/deeper will be stained ("two-tone" effect). Tools should be pressed into concrete, not dragged or the colour will smudge. Powder release needs to be powerwashed and should also be lightly buffed (see Floor pads | Rotary brushes) or acid washed (see Surface Prep) to remove excess and open pours for sealer.

Liquid Release - Much cleaner alternate to powder release and faster turn-around with no washing required before applying sealer. Use any pump sprayer (Industrial Sprayers | Multi-Purpose Sprayers) and don't be afraid to drag tools or trowel the concrete after you've applied release (ideal for vertical carving). If a two-tone effect is desired this can be achieved with a Colour Wash.

See also: Form Oil

Vieira 5 gal Liquid Release
100.00 $ 100.00 $ 100.0 CAD
Vieira Grey 35lb Powder Antiquing Release
60.00 $ 60.00 $ 60.0 CAD
Walt Tools Liquid Release Concentrate
22.00 $ 22.00 $ 22.0 CAD
Mix with mineral spirits to make 5 gal