• Has a much smaller particle size than stain allowing it to penetrate into polished concrete.  Dye is usually applied around 400 grit.
  • Not UV stable - interior only


  • Stains can be used both interior and exterior.  They will typically not penetrate concrete that's been polished beyond 200 grit
  • Water Based Stains are very easy to use (brush or spray on) and come in a diverse colour palette. They will wear off with damage to the concrete especially from deicer & freeze/thaw damage - we recommend them for foot traffic areas where salt will not be applied and vertical applications. Water based stains do not need to be neutralized.
  • Acid Stains are salts dissolved in acid which chemically change the colour of the concrete. They are therefore permanent, unpredictable and have a limited colour palette (ie. black, grey and white are not possible). Acid stains must be neutralized.
  • Re-Ax stains are another reactive stain (like acid stains) but they do not need to be neutralized. Very natural looking and permanent stain.

Caution - Colour swatches are to be used only as a guide, results may vary. We strongly suggest a job-site mock-up for approval prior to applying any stains and dyes. 8 oz samples are available on request.

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Walt Tools Tru Tint 1 gal Water Based Stain
55.00 $ 55.00 $ 55.0 CAD
Shake well
Walt Tools Tru Tint 16 oz Concentrate Dye
53.63 $ 53.63 $ 53.63 CAD
Walt Tools Tru Tint 1 gal Acid Stain
57.75 $ 57.75 $ 57.75 CAD
Colour can vary greatly - mockup recommended
Walt Tools Re-Ax 1 gal Reactive Stain
60.50 $ 60.50 $ 60.5 CAD