Industrial Sprayer & Accessories


Guidelines for selecting a sprayer:

  • Do not use acid in any metal sprayers.  See Acid/Acetone Staining
  • Icon Sprayer (cheapest of the red spray cans) may be used for form oil, surface retarders, liquid release and water based products. Do not use any products containing acetone in these sprayers (most VOC compliant solvent based sealers).  Products containing acetone will melt the hose, seals and gaskets.
  • Xtreme sprayers have a hose, seals and gaskets that are resistant to acetone. An Xtreme sprayer is recommended for most solvent based sealers.  Buy only Xtreme replacement parts.
  • Red spray cans have a liner on the inside to prevent rust. Some sealers with very high acetone content will melt that liner. If you are experiencing that issue you need to upgrade to stainless steel Xtreme sprayer.
  • Dripless sprayers have a rod going through the wand that stops the flow of sealer right at the tip.  This is a nice feature, but these wands are more prone to clogging from debris.  Do not use anti-slip additives in these sprayers.
Chapin Sprayers and accessories are popular with concrete contractors for sealers, form oil, surface retarders and other chemicals
Chapin Xtreme 3.5 gal Industrial Sprayer
Best seller
213.74 $ 213.74 CAD
Chapin Xtreme 3.5 gal Industrial Sprayer w/ Dripless Wand
*** Do not use with anti-slip additives (ie. Shark Grip) ***
242.24 $ 242.24 CAD
Chapin Xtreme 3 gal Poly Tank Sprayer
170.99 $ 170.99 CAD
Chapin 24" Curved Extension Wand
16.35 $ 16.35 CAD
Chapin 12" Curved Extension Wand
11.29 $ 11.290000000000001 CAD
Chapin Straight Extension Wand
12.89 $ 12.89 CAD
Chapin Outlet Tube
18.51 $ 18.51 CAD
Chapin Xtreme Dripless Shut-off
*** Do not use with anti-slip additives (ie. Shark Grip) ***
56.99 $ 56.99 CAD
Chapin Xtreme Shut-off
38.84 $ 38.84 CAD
Chapin Dust Control Water Supply
30.75 $ 30.75 CAD
Chapin Xtreme 48" Replacement Hose
45.64 $ 45.64 CAD
Chapin Icon 48" Replacement Hose
31.72 $ 31.720000000000002 CAD