Finishing Brushes


Finishing brushes are used to texture exterior concrete slabs such as city sidewalks. Two variables are the angle of the brush when pulled across the slab and the coarseness of the bristles. Soft bristles at an outward angle will allow you to finish earlier without tearing the surface paste revealing aggregate. Plastic bristles are medium coarseness, horse hair is very fine, green nylon is a happy medium (and the price is right).
Kraft 12" Horsehair Hand Finish Broom
23.40 $ 23.400000000000002 CAD
Bon 24" Horsehair Finish Broom
41.08 $ 41.08 CAD
Bon 36" Horsehair Finish Broom
65.23 $ 65.23 CAD
Bon 48" Horsehair Finish Broom
95.00 $ 95.0 CAD
Kraft 36" Horsehair Floor Broom
86.30 $ 86.3 CAD